Our Breads

Our Breads

On Las Olas Blvd you’ll find the best deli and bakery in South Florida. Gran Forno on Las Olas Artisan Breads are made each day with CERTIFIED ORGANIC FLOURS that are milled in Massachusetts,Colorado and Kansas.

The bread baking process begins twenty-four hours before it comes out of the oven. We use only flour, water, fresh yeast and salt in our Organic artisan breads and may add fresh herbs, cheese, olive oil and dried fruit.

Organic flour and our long fermenting process are just a few of the unique qualities that separate us from other bakery. The long fermented dough is hand shaped, cold proofed over night and then baked in our Italian steam injected hearth oven.

Our organic handcrafted artisan breads are baked fresh each and every day from scratch.

We take great pride in the Artisan Breads we make each day. We use CERTIFIED ORGANIC FLOURS that contain ZERO pesticides and bleach.

We are left with only the best possible ingredients to make our breads each day.

This slow process of baking with the introduction of natural sourdough ensures the highest quality and finest tasting Artisan Breads in soth Florida.

Gran Forno on Las Olas works hard everyday to provide the best wholesale bread products available.