Breads and Rolls

Breads and Rolls


Casareccio – Classic, light and crusty Northern Italian rustic bread made with wheat flour

Ciabatta – Traditional slipper-shaped white bread from Bari.  Course and crunchy outside, airy inside

Pan Pugliese – Classic Northern Italian, crusty full-bodied wheat. Dense.

Filone – Italian baguette, long and crusty, with a soft chewy center

Flatbread – Sardinian cracker, several toppings, cumin, rosemary.

San Francisco – Classic great crust, slightly sour and made with several flours.

Pane Olive – Large imported Sicilian and Kalamata olives kneaded into the dough.  Great with cheese.

Rosemary – Artesian country style sourdough with extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary.

Multi-Grain – Delicious earthy 100% whole grains, organic whole spelt flour.

Sunflower Honey – A wholesome whitewheat with a full flavor from the seeded crust.

Walnut Raisin – Our traditional pumpernickel with golen raisins and walnuts.

Whole Wheat – Natural organic biga and other grains, honey and sea salt.

Fennel Raisin – Our signature bread is slightly sweet from golden raisins and aromatic fennel seeds

Onion Rye – Caremalized Spanish onions with a subtle sweet flavor.

Chocolate Walnut Raisin – Makes a superb dessert or breakfast bread.

Columba di Pasqua (molded in the shape of a dove).
Christmas Fruit Bread.


Rosetta – a crusty roll tpically of Rome, classic and tasty.

Small Rolls – Poppy seed, sesame, plain, or mixed seeds.